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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 3, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> steve: you'll be on your regular show tom, right? >> martha: at 9:00 o'clock. >> brian: we'll see you on kilmeade and friends shortly. >> martha: yes. >> brian: not to taunt you, but ann qualitier, michelle malkin and larry the cable guy appearing together. they might sing a song together. >> steve: go to the after the show show. see you tomorrow. bill require want to start with a fox news alert. the obama team now reacting to a controversial video from 2007 that is just resurfaced. that's where we start. good morning. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. >> i'm jamie colby and i'm in for martha. we saw that video repleased full
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by "the daily caller." the comment are being characterized by critics as racially charged. bill: here is the video when candidate obama talks about the stafford act. >> when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the stafford act, said this is too serious a problem. we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you have got to put in. here is $10. that was the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said look at this devastation, we don't expect you to come up with your own money here. here the money to rebuild. we are not going to wait for to you scratch it together because you are part of the american family. what as happening down in new
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orleans? where is your dollar? where is your stafford act money? makes no sense. tells me the built hasn't been taken out. [applause] tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. bill: also in the crowd that day was the reverend jeremiah wright. mike emanuel is live in washington. reverand wright became a controversial figure during the 2008 campaign. what did then senator obama say about him in that summer of 2007? >> reporter: he made reference to the trinity church of christ saying that's where he met reverend wright and introduced him to a man named jesus christ and mr. obama praised his long-time pastor. >> i have got to give a special
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shoutout to my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me. he's a friend, and a great leader. so please, everybody, give an extraordinary welcome to my pastor dr. jeremiah wright, the united church of christ. where's he at. there he is. that's him. that's him right there. [applause] >> reporter: earlier in 2007 reverend wright had become a controversial figure and political problem but clearly in front of that audience mr. obama felt comfortable praising his pastor.
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he compared the response to katrina to the 9/11 attacks and florida. bill: what are they saying about the video surfacing now? >> reporter: the obama campaign says it was open to press coverage and was covered extensively at the time. they blame mitt romney and his allies. the only thing wrong about this is we should -- they call these desperate attacks. bill: we are going to talk to ben lebolt later in the hour. their is enormous pressure on both sides. bret baier is the anchor of special report. the cohost of tonight's special debate coverage on the fox news
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channel. here is the figure. what you are hear being how this speech plays into tonight's debate if at all. >> reporter: here on the ground's not factoring in as far as the debate prep, as far as being a factor in the debate. it's not believed to be a question. it's probably not going to be something that's brought up by one of the two candidates. is it setting the table? is it what some people are talking about? i'm standing on a platform with a lot of different media and everybody next to me talking about it this morning. does that affect things? sure. does it bring reverend jeremiah wright back into the picture? yes. is that a bad fling for the obama campaign? probably. because as you remember he was the pastor for then senator obama for 20 years and had some sermons that were pretty explosive against israel and america saying hiv was created
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to go after black communities and other things. for the obama campaign that's a negative thing. does it factor into this debate? probably not. bill: you were inside the debate hall yesterday. give our viewers a sense of the setup you saw. what will they see tonight? >> reporter: it's a relatively small auditorium. the area is very familiar. if you remember presidential debates in years past in 2008, the podiums right next to each other standing -- the moderator sitting at a desk in the front. it's pretty intimate. red, white, and blue. and you will see a lot of back and fourth in a small area. you are going to see what happens in the first 30 minutes is going to be crucial. because really all the experts will say you can win it in the
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first 30 minutes. you can lose it in the 90 minutes. bill: debate number one in 2008 had 50 million viewers. and it ticked up higher with each debate after that at the presidential level. the vice presidential debate between sarah palin and joe biden topped 70 million americans. so the audience is huge. you have been in denver the past three days. what are you picking up from the romney team, from the obama campaign? >> i think the romney team is looking for a big night. they are looking for a game changer for all the talk about how it doesn't have to be everything. this is a big moment for this campaign. they sense nationally that they are on the verge of closing the gap. and in these battleground states some of these states seem like they are spreading apart like ohio. but they think this is a changing moment. i read one interview anecdotally
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about ann romney saying the first thing mitt romney does when he gets in these debate is he walks on stage, he puts the watch on the podium. he where is on the piece of paper, dad, because of his dad george romney also ran for president. then he finds ann romney in the crowd. and i think that that -- we'll be watching for that. how governor romney handles the first minutes of his persona tonight will make a big statement about how this whole thing goes. bill: thank you, bret, we'll see you later tonight. bret baier live in denver. 8:55 eastern. you know it's important now. jamie: important enough to stay up. bill: full reaction tomorrow morning right here. jamie: republicans are now seizing on a comment by joe biden on middle class americans.
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the vice president was trying to fire up a crowd in the swing state of north carolina and many critics say he ended up committing his latest gaffe. you watch and decide. this is deadly earnest, man. how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify? jamie: stu varney the host of varney and company joining us. i listened to it and read tonight print, is in any other interpretation. report no, vice president biden got it absolutely right. that's an objective statement of fact. income down $4,000 in those four years. 54,000 down to $50,000. personal wealth, a lot of it
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destroyed in the housing crash. down 30% on home prices. then there is the american dream which is fundamental to middle america. that's not been destroyed. but many middle class americans no longer share that dream. so over 50% think the future will be worse for their children than it is now. so in the early part of the day joe biden got it right. the middle class has been buried the last four years. later in the day he tried to wash it back saying the middle class has been buried by the policies which ryan and romney supported. that's how the day ended. what percentage of the policies the president says he's been working this hard on, the policies he's running or reelection on put the middle class in the position that they are in. >> reporter: that's a value judgment. that's an opinion. the president says he's only responsible for 10% of the
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accumulated debt during his presidency. he blames bush for the accumulated debt prior to his presidency and during this presidency. obama tried to blame bush and his predecessors for the predicament of the middle class. jamie: tonight is the debate and the economy will be front and center. would you expect the president to admit any of this policies did not work? >> reporter: i would expect the president would deflect attention away from his record. if if you ask where is the middle class going next year after the election, you have -- i would say that the middle class is going to get maybe even worse off because we look like we are head for a real slowdown in the economy and the word recession next year has been used frequently. >> it's being bantered about.
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stu varney, thank you so much. bill: joe biden was in charlotte, north carolina making that comment. 15 electoral votes. a look at how he succeed, 4.3 million votes cast in the state. president obama won by 14,000 votes. he carried a 100,000 vote margin in charlotte which is where mr. biden was. he had a narrow margin of victory, more than any other state. in charlotte unemployment is above 10%. we'll see how they do, it's tough to win against those numbers. jamie: those numbers are seen in many places,en it will be interesting to hear about what they say about those swing states that count.
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bill: a new report on events leading up to that deadly terrorist attack in libya. did the government deny requests for additional security. jamie: there are concerns about pane obama administration plan to buy a state prison facility. it's a state prison being bought by the federal government. some fear it could house accused terrorists moved from gitmo. bill: what do both mean need to say to win over voters in the middle. ed rollins back in 1984. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience. [laughter] jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily,
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bill: a followup on seats aboard american airlines planes. the company says improperly installed clamps led to the seats coming loose during flights. they turned up four other seats with the problem. the airline insists this is not related to any problems related to union workers not happy about layoffs. jamie: the assault on our
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embassy in benghazi. according to several diplomats they requested extra security prior those attacks and their requests were repeatedly denied. conkman gowdy is a member of the house judiciary committee. there will be an investigation and a hearing on october 10 from what i understand. what do we know so far about the requests that are made. i have seen a letter that was sent by darrell issa and also explaining the actual date of threats and attacks in benghazi. pretty stunning how many there were before then. >> it's a pattern that's impossible to ignore it's an increasing series of escalations of violence and apparently this
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administration was the only group in the world that was not aware this area was dangerous. so we have a dichotomy. either they are so incompetent that they missed out on the intelligence on the escalating violence or they knew about it and ignored repeated requests for increased security. neither of those scenarios is particularly good for this administration. jamie: do you think you will get to the bottom of that question? >> i promise we will. it may take 20 months like it did with fast and furious. when you have four dead americans and you have an administration that went on all the sunday talk shows and said as a matter of fact it was not premeditated or preplanned. either they intentionally mislead the american people and congress or they so negligent and rick left they didn't bother to get the facts before they
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explained it. i promise you we'll get to the bottom of this. jamie: what document will you subpoena. >> all of them. anything -- some of this will be live testimony. some of this will be witness testimony. some of this will be whistleblower testimony from people who were in libya who saw firsthand the escalating episodes of violence. i'm a former prosecutor so the witnesses would i like would be specifically people who alerted this administration. this is a dangerous situation. we need increased security and those requested for help were denied. the investigation who is supposed to tell us who is responsible for these murders, that area is so violent the fbi cannot conduct their investigation. i want you to imagine this backdrop. the area is too dangerous for the fine, but it wasn't dangerous enough for this
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administration to increase security. i would like to ask that and i plan on doing it next week. jamie: we continue to give millions of dollars to libya and we can't even access the site for an investigation. where is that money going and why are we continuing to give money to the country? do we know where they are spending it? >> we don't, which is why many of us voted no on the most recent continuing resolution that kept government going but also included money for people like libya who are not cooperating with this investigation. and i can't tell you why we continue to give money to people who hate us. i guarantee you they will hate us for free. soy don't know why we are paying them to do so. jamie: thank you, south carolina congressman trey gowdy. bill: we'll talk to catherine
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hair edge for more next hour. what florida senator marco rubio is saying about the first big faceoff between president obama and governor romney. jamie: the latest search for a killer who gunned down a young border patrol agent. >> the tears flowed freely thinking about his wife and children who will grow up without their father with them.
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bill: a multi million dollar federal information sharing program from the department of homeland security. a scathing senate report says the program has done little to make the nation secure since 9/11. lawmakers are demanding answers with the homeland security
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department and steve centanni is live in washington on this. i said millions, it might be billions. tell us more. what did this report uncover? >> reporter: the investigation by the senate homeland security and government affairs committee found lavish experiencing that contributed little to national security. the program was designed in the wake of 9/11 to help coordinate communication between state, local and federal law enforcement agency. here is how the homeland security chief talked about it earlier this year about the 77 centers around the country. >> it's the heart of our prevention strategy. how do we prevent a successful terrorist attack in the united states, looking at threats from abroad and threats from within. >> reporter: but the reality is according to the investigation, reports were often generated by violating civil liberties and misusing
9:26 am
taxpayer funds by buying big screen tvs to monitor the channels. here is part of homeland's security's response. the committee report is out of date, inaccurate and misleading. in preparing the report the committee refused to review relevant data including relevant information pertinent to their findings. senator susan collins is concerned and said in a statement as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars the dhs must insure that the dollars are spent in ways that enhance our security. the report says they often produced reports that were irrelevant or useless.
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jamie: both president obama and governor romney have a chance to recharge the race tonight. our next guest says it's all good governor romney tonight. we'll talk to the man who managed ronald ray gans landsslide win for the presidency. >> governor, there you go again. r after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben. ben is the intity thief
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bill: president obama and governor romney each have specific challenges on that stage night. 15 million americans expected to watch. ed rollins is a former deputy chief of staff for president reagan. he managed the campaign and
9:31 am
coached him on the debates. what is a win for mitt romney tonight? >> mitt has to come out of this debate very substantive and lay out his vision for where he wants to take this country. people need to talk about how great he was and how he looked presidential. i believe it's all about mitt romney. we know the president's skills at debating and talking. he's better off with a teleprompter but he's still a glib guy with a lot of substance. but what we don't know is how good mitt is. he was good against primary opponents. but this is the president of the united states and he has to make his case effectively without being too strident and basically presidential. bill: you said voters have to say maybe. >> today the election would be
9:32 am
won by obama in a close election. but we have to shift voters to say i'll give this guy another look. i'm not going to cast my vote tomorrow. i'll look at other two debates and move forward. if he doesn't do well tonight. many of these absentee ballots will be cast and it may be too late to turn around. bill: the viewership actually went higher as the debates went along in debate number two and three. what is a win for president obama on that stage? >> that he comes off with people saying the same thing about him. i have got to give the guy a break, he inherited tough times. he has not been a bad president. he's more subject and tough than mitt romney. that's a good night for the president. bill: does either have to be specific or is this a case you walk on stage, you have command, you are comfortable and you win it that way. >> most people don't remember the details. what happens is there is so much
9:33 am
fact checking that goes on by the two campaigns so any mistake before the end of the evening is out there in the media. you don't want to make any substantive mistakes. you want to look presidential. at the end of the day, people have to be comfortable for the next four years they will be looking at this person. they know what obama is like. they know many people support him. at this point in time they don't know enough about romney and the specifics on his vision. he needs to lay some of that out. bill: in terms of specifics, maybe you hang one fact out there. i'm going to take the unemployment rate and do this with it. >> you have to be factual on those things. he laid out a tax plan without any details, what does that mean? bill: do you find most guys cheer their guy and boot other one? >> usually debates reinforce the side you are on. you look for the good points. center few people are totally
9:34 am
neutral going in and it's not entertaining, it's educational. bill: that contradicts the point about saying maybe in the case of governor romney. there is a sliver of people saying i don't know enough about this guy. if he convinces me, he might get my vote. >> i think that's important. if the election were held by the polls he's a few points behind. he needs the debates to change the dynamics where people say this is a down to the wire race. he's a goodall tern tough. let's look at the details of his plan and programs. bill: do you find incumbents are out of shape when it come to debating ability? >> they are because no one is on the stage with them as an equal. all of a sudden you look across the stage and there is a guy being treated as your equal trying to get your job. they are not in the same kind of
9:35 am
form. reagan didn't do well in his first debate. gerald ford didn't do well in this first debate. even clinton wasn't as good as he was in other forums. the president who is a good debater but not a great debater, it's a lot of pressure on him, too. bill: usually they write about the incumbents being insulated by yes people and do not say no to the president. is that true and how does that affect a person? >> they are not used to being pushed around. a critical player on our team is the man who runs fox news. roger ails came in. he was a political strategist before he retired. and he got in the president's face. he calmed him down and told him what he had to do. the first debate we had a rally after the event. reagan needed a crowd to ref him up. we had a big rally before he was revved up and he did an
9:36 am
effective job. bill: reagan called ails coach during those times. you work with jack kemp and huckabee. >> he was an extraordinarily talented guy and one of the great thinkers of our party. mike huckabee was perfect. he had great experience on radio. he understood that the quote -- he didn't need much help, but he was very substantive. an extraordinarily talent. the debates were his great forum. bill: you managed jack kemp. he had so many great ideas about the economy. it was your job to winnow them down. in a way it strikes knee might be a similar way. am i correct on that? >> i think that's true. to a certain extent getting --
9:37 am
it's awful hard in a debate to give a minute 90 second answer and carry real substance. people have a lot of thoughts in their head and a lot of knowledge, it's getting them to be concise that's important. bill: tonight it's 2 minutes for the answer. so you have to be really good in two minutes and not wander and ramble and lose the audience. >> the temptation will be to wander. bill: i know you love this stuff and so do we. rollins in new york. jamie: as many of us are preparing to head into the voting booth, millions want to do so by mail. the pressure is on to make sure every one of those votes are valid and accounted for. >> reporter: election officials insist absentee ballots do count and they are a secure way to vote and are increasingly popular. voters fill out an application
9:38 am
and the ballot is mailed by the local clerks office. the procedure is typical. the when the ballot arrivals, officials compare the names addresses and signatures with those on file. it's open to both a democrat and republican official and counted on election day if it passes inspection. >> we have a thorough verification process so anyone who chooses to vote by mail, they will be able to vote by mail. >> the ballots are secured in a special specific locked room. they are under guard 24 hours a day for the protection -- look at that steal door. that's where they are kept. the elections commission said in 2010, 14 million americans or over 50% of the electorate cast their vote by absentee ballot and that number is growing.
9:39 am
jamie: voter fraud, there are concerns. >> reporter: many say absentee ballots are the way to commit voter fraud. in troy, new york, 8 democratic politicians and political operatives were part of a case where officials say absentee ballots were faked to steal an election. >> reporter: the absentee ballots are the weakling. i think that's where most of the voter fraud takes place. >> reporter: they have absentee ballot fraud cases in nine states. some are counted before election day, some are counted on election day. and some are counted after election day. if you suspect voter fraud at the polls where you live. here is the address,
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bill: the obama administration announcing a plan to buy a prison in illinois. could it open the door to transfer detainees out of get know in cuba? that's what critics are asking and we'll investigate. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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9:43 am
once considered as a lockup for guantanamo bay detainees. federal law prohibits fly transfers from gitmo to the prison. you some lawmakers fear the plan could give the administration an opening to get around that law. >> the possible bit of taking a prison that was empty in our state of illinois and selling it to the federal government at a fair and reasonable price. it helps our federal government to make sure we have public safety all across america. jamie: charles simpson is a former deputy assistant secretary of defense under george w. bush. how close to a reality could is be? >> hard to tell pop probably not the concern many have. remember, as your teaser said, the obama administration did want to close guantanamo within
9:44 am
a year and move the detainees to the states. but it was pelosi and harry reid who said you can't use any federal funds to move guantanamo detainees to the united states and you can't use funds to buy or rehab a facility in the united states. jamie: why acquire it? >> there is overcrowding in some federal facilities. this is a well-built relatively new facility. it's been sitting dormant. i take them at their word that they want to utilize it to ease overcrowding and to bring jobs to the area. but the scepticism that some have is that the obama administration will make an end run around federal law, democrats and republicans, and
9:45 am
try to close gitmo on the cef. jamie: there is so much overcrowding of the state prisons that the governor is releasing some prisoners locally that should potentially be behind bars, residents of illinois may argue. why not leave that opportunity or even assist the state government in acquiring it -- and there is no mention of that at this point -- may i confirm with you and take it for themselves, the feds. >> great question. one that i hope members of the media put to the state officials. and federal officials involved. the fact is that the federal facilities are under utilized in some places and there is overcrowding in others. there is a state prison issue as well. there is a bigger point here. no one is suggesting that
9:46 am
terrorist detainees convicted in military commissions sentenced to life shouldn't be possibly be sent to a federal super max like in florence, colorado. that's one thing. but this is whether or not this lingering doubt about the obama administration flouting federal law, like granting amnesty and the non-recess, recess appointment. they have a habit of flouting federal law, whether they are using this thompson purchase to get around federal law if obama loses in november. jamie: where is the money coming from to purchase this facility? >> from what i read, it is a bureau prison money that has been set aside in the previously -- previous budget cycle and they can do it through their executive authority.
9:47 am
and so the bureau of prisons has a huge chunk of money so they carved out some money to use for purchase of this facility. jamie: this is not the only federal facility option. this location. would there be other locations they could look to to assist the federal prison system and ultimately move guantanamo detainees in the u.s.? >> there is federal law that prohibits that from happening. previous administration and this administration looked at a variety of options in the united states or housing guantanamo detainees and obviously a military brig facility would make some sense if they were to make that move. but the american public is against this move left and right. the senate, house democrats, house republicans, democrats and republicans on both sides are against it. there is a federal law that prohibits it. so unless the administration
9:48 am
wants to flout federal law, it's not going to happen. bill: 12 minutes before the hour. florida senator marco rubio says tonight's first presidential debate will come down to just one thing. and all this talk and all this preparation. one thing. we'll bring you his answer on that. jamie: he's known for not holding back. but republicans are seizing on a new comment from vice president joe biden. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on what he said straight ahead. >> this is deadly earnest, man. this is deadly earnest. how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they justify.
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jamie: florida senator marco rubio says tonight's debate will present americans with a clear choice between the two candidates. >> we'll see someone who is able to explain how it is what he stands for will make their lives better. this is a debate. it will be the first time americans get to see niece two men standing next to each other and crystallize the choices they have. jamie: president obama and governor romney will be on the same stage before an expected audience of 50 million americans. that's pretty big. bill: rubio knows all about this communications stuff. you saw him in tampa, a terrific speech that knew how to reach people. he's been out on the trail the last couple days with governor romney. breaking developments out of syria.
9:53 am
a deadly blast ripped through the country's second largest city yet again. 30 more people are dead. leland vittert is in our northeast bureau. how sophisticated were these bombs? >> reporter: very sophisticated. these were coordinated attacks. the bombs went off within minutes of each other. the bombers were able to get into a secured area in aleppo near a military compound. the results are incredibly devastating. the bombs themselves were very large, killed dozen of people, then also injured hundreds more. the scenes we are seeing off syrian state tv look like some of the same images you saw from the rebel video. what has happened inside this military compound the same kind of damage we saw from the massive shelling from the syrian government. because it's so sophisticated it points to foreign jihadist groups rather than home grown
9:54 am
rebels. bill: if that's the case, which side does not help more? >> reporter: so far you heard this narrative from the syrian government saying effectively all of these attacks and this uprising has been quote foreign terrorists, jihadi groups and loyalists from places like libya and iraq. as we see more and more of these attack from those kinds of groups rather than attacks from home grown syrian free army it complicates the narrative. so far we heard assad evil, rebels good. now things look much more complicated and more civilians end up dieing from this violence that keeps going back and forth. bill: what are the reports of those killed since this war started? >> reporter: you are talking north of 20,000 people, bill.
9:55 am
not only do you have the people killed. you have the civilians and four or five,000 syrian soldiers and syrian rebels killed. but hundreds of thousands of refugees, people who left their homes with only the clothes on their back in turkey. we are now approaching winter up on the northern border of syria. it is going to get very, very tough for these syrian refugees who are now in these tents as winter sets in. we are talking about temperatures now in the 20s. and also snow in the northern mountains in syria. bill: thank you, leland. leland vittert live in jerusalem. jamie: president obama and governor mitt romney are set to square off in their first face-to-face debate. megyn kelly will join us live
9:56 am
with new polling. bill: there is a manhunt for the killer of this border patrol agent? arizona. >> he was a humble gentle man. no one thought i will of nick ivy.
9:57 am
9:58 am
bill: president obama, governor romney preparing for their first face-to-face showdown hours from now in that denver stage you see
9:59 am
right there. brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." welcome, i'm bill hemmer. how you doing? jamie: just great, bill. this is going to be the first of the three presidential debates. you don't want to miss it. the first time that millions of us will be watching both nominees together. according to a brand-new poll president obama has a slight lead over governor romney, 49% to 46% where last month he was leading by 5%. bill: megyn kelly, anchor of "america live." how you doing? megyn: i'm doing great. live from denver. big day out here. bill: you and chris wallace and brit hume will be out there anchoring. we look at the poll numbers. you know how close this has been for a very long time. what are you picking up based on
10:00 am
a 2-point spread. megyn: it's an opportunity for mitt romney. the president is known to the american people at this point in this tenure. mitt romney not nearly as much. especially in this day and age where there is a certain bent and many who cover this race in the media, it's a chance for mitt romney to get past the haze of all of that and be seen directly by some 60 million americans if you go by what happened in 2008. and make his case for why he is not this, you know, unrelatable corporate raider vampire type who doesn't care about the middle class. that's how he's been painted by team obama. tonight is his chance, particularly on domestic issues, because that what we'll focus on, to make the case for his argument that barack obama has not gotten it down and how he would. the format tonight might help him do that. bill: let's talk about the
10:01 am
rules. you have got six 15-minute segments. the economy, healthcare and a segment on the role of government in governing. each man gets 2 minutes and then there is a rebuttal. megyn: jim lehrer of pbs will be moderating. they devote the rest of the 15-minute block to a discussion. so hopefully there will be a chance to press the candidates for followup, or real answers if they try to dodge. because you know and our viewers know having watched 25 presidential debates during the primaries, they all do it. they dodge. they hear this is a question on jobs. what's my policy on jobs, this what is i'm going to say without necessarily answering the question asked. hopefully the mat, the discussion after the initial response will give us a chance
10:02 am
to hear real answers. having studies up on these debates it seems like the need many gets moved not so much by these soaring rhetorical moment but by a gafer that one of them may have or by one moment of connection that they may have with the viewers at home. ronald reagan, there you go again. bill: i think you make a great point on that. what you are saying is it's built in a format that will help encourage robust exchanges that would alloy the other to challenge the other one. megyn: we can hope. during the republican presidential primaries we had a format where you ask a question and the candidate got a minute or 30 seconds to respond. if you asked a followup you had to devote another minute to that topic. in such a limited time you felt constrained as the debate
10:03 am
monitor. now it's the question, talking point for 2 minutes, then the discussion. hopefully we'll hear more. bill: they had a coin toss. president obama opens and romney closes. we hope it will be an open and earnest discussion about the future of america. have a great time in denver. megyn: i'll see you 1:00 p.m. eastern, too. jamie: the first televised debate among election contenders was held in 1960. jimmy carter-ronald reagan's debate claimed the largest audience so far. bill: stay with us on the fox news channel. at 8:55 eastern time, bret,
10:04 am
megyn, the entire fox news political team is here for analysis. join us in prime time tonight. jamie: we are ready now. major developments in the wake of the attack in libya. according to letters obtained exclusively by fox news the state department may have ignored security concerns raised by the staff in benghazi before that assault. catherine, what are we learning with the warnings ahead of time. >> reporter: these letters suggest the state department refused to get involved in a dispute between blue mountain libya, the security license holder in libya and its operations partner blue mountain u.k. they trained the guards at the consulate in libya. there were meeting about the security contract in libya. one in june and one in july. fox news is told the libyan
10:05 am
contract holder felt the security was substandard and unworkable. when the libyans tried to bring in a third contractor to improve security the state department shut it down. saying the u.s. government is not required to mediate any disate agreements between the two parties of the blue mountain libya. in response to another security-related question said decisions are made in d.c. and not locally. >> ambassadors don't call the local security posture. it's worked out with washington, with the post. it's not something you can do yourself. >> reporter: a letter from secretary of state hillary clinton said the state will
10:06 am
cooperate with congress on the investigation. jamie: there is new information about the attack? >> reporter: the head of the house intelligence committee telling fox there is evidence the attack was planned long before the 11th, and there were hit teams or squads. >> it was certainly before the dave that event they had kill and capture teams and other information. it was well planned to have this to be a spontaneous event. >> reporter: the congressman who is chairman says that evidence the al qaeda affiliate in north africa was actively seeking targets in the weeks before the strike. >> we know over the course of time they had been looking for western targets. al qaeda had been looking for western targets. we think some of the planning was planned in the sense that when an opportunity arees and we think some was specifically to a
10:07 am
particular place. >> reporter: there was a plan in the works by al qaeda in north africa along with its partner ansar al-sharia. and it was when the ambassador was at that consequence lawsuit that raises the question whether this was a targeted killing of that ambassador. bill: developing news on the manhunt at the u.s.-mexican border. nicholas ivy and two other agents attacked before dawn yesterday in the rugged arizona desert. ivy is dead, leaving behind a wife and two young children. >> this is obviously a shock to the family. and the tragic circumstance. but yet they have a faith and they are holding to their faith in their god and they have a faith that this life is not all there is and there is a life to
10:08 am
come. and they believe that families are forever. bill: what is new in this investigation? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the two federal agencies in mexico. they say there are two suspects detained on the border. they have to communicate with the local authorities. this is on the south side of the border. american agents on the north side say they heard some of the same rumors. but until you get fbi agents there and get some information that's when we'll get ideas whether they are suspects or just stories. the entire area from the border to five miles north where this occurred near naco is considered a crime scene. it's completely shut down. they have helicopters down there. we know more fbi agents have gone down there as well to help support those from the phoenix office that are on scene. we have been told from a
10:09 am
sheriff's deputy in the region there have been positive developments so far. while there is officially no arrests. there are two people they have detained south side. the agents were responding to a sensor that went off five miles north of the bored when this went down early yesterday morning. it's not known if agents returned fire. law enforcement said there is a known drug trafficking corridor. >> when you are dealing with armed drug traffickers that are usually heavily armed and they have the advantage of knowing where they are and we don't necessarily know when we'll be encountering them, it always poses a danger not only to law enforcement, but to the citizens down here. >> reporter: u.s. law enforcement believes there was more than one shooter and they are trying to sort all this out at this hour. bill: what more have we learned about the agent? >> reporter: he followed in his brother's footsteps to
10:10 am
become part of the border patrol. he has two young daughters. on his mission to mexico as a mormon he learned spanish. he understood the culture. he has two young daughters and a wife. he's described as an outdoors plan, a mormon who knows spanish. >> agent ivy died in the line of duty protecting our nation against those who threaten our way of life. his death only strengthens our resolve to enforce the rule of law and bring those responsible to justice. >> reporter: president obama called the ivy family to offer his condolences. there is a memorial fund set up in his name. jamie: another voter i.d. law, it turns out it will be a no-go for this election. the critical ruling and its
10:11 am
impact on the white house. bill: tens of millions will watch debate in prime time. what's the most difficult question either man will be forced to answer. we'll talk to both campaigns on that and more in minutes. jamie: it happened, going off script again. vice president biden make something serious claims about the middle class. >> how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
bill: check out this video a protest at the vatican. that's a man climbing on top of the dome at basilica. he's said to be angry over tough austerity measures that he says will hurt his business. jim require's hours from the first presidential debate and critics are powngs on joe biden's latest gaffe at a campaign stop where he suggests the last four years have not been good for the middle class. >> this is deadly earnest. how they can justify raising tax on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. how in lord's name can they
10:15 am
justify raising their taxes on these taxpayers. jamie: the chairman of the gop's victory 2012. and alan colmes. nice to see both of you. alan is there another interpretation of what the vice president said? he did backtrack after it came out. >> it's a gaffe. taken out of context it doesn't sound good. but it was clear to me he was referring to the notion that the policies leading up to where we are now is what caused the middle class to have problems. and they are coming out of it. if you look at the metrics. stock market up, it means 401ks are up. the price of homes are going up which is good for the homeowner. you have got a net increase in job creation. you can see the things albeit
10:16 am
slowly are getting better. jamie: but he didn't say any of that. >> i wish he had. >> the great thing about joe biden, while he tends to exaggerate, he actually tells the truth every once in a while. he said in several interviews he sees himself as the truth teller-in-chief in this administration. he is right. the middle class has been buried the last four years. look at the price of gas in america. $1.83 on inauguration day. now knock on the door $5. you go to any grocery store you see the inflated prices of milk and eggs and bacon. taxes looming over america, taxes in the middle class have gone up under the obama administration. energy prices are through the roof due to the poor energy policies and weakness of this
10:17 am
administration. biden was right. >> the president doesn't cause gas prices. if that was the case why didn't you applaud him when gas prices were going down. he has not raised taxes. he lowered taxes on working families and small businesses. too joe biden is talking about the record of the obama-biden administration saying they are buried. jamie: will the president have tee dress this tonight? will he have to talk about why the middle class was -- will he distance himself from his policies playing a role. >> he may have to put context
10:18 am
into biden's statement. >> why is it that whenever this administration, whether it's the president or joe biden actually tells the truth. they tell you what's on their mind like the president saying that the private sector is doing fine or telling entrepreneurs like me that we didn't build our business. why is it when they tell the truth suddenly they are taken out of context. >> there you go again to quote one of our great republican presidents. you note context of that. >> the context was worse than what he said. he said you entrepreneurs put out your chest, you think you are so smart, but you didn't build it. that's the context. >> you left out what he was talking about before that and that was not the tone of his voice. you are not only misrepresenting -- you are myth representing the tone of what he said. jamie: now we are distancing ourselves from this particular
10:19 am
statement. final word on what the public walked away with when they heard that. >> i'm not sure how many people who heard it. jamie: even the late-night shows mentioned it and they said which side is the vice president working for? jamie: alan doesn't have traction. >> i don't believe it has traction. right wing is desperate. >> when you hear spin like that coming out of the left and alan it clearly does. this is a bad time for the president going into this debate. jamie: we'll be watching tonight. great to see you both. bill: critics accusing president obama of waste his time in the oval office instead of doing his job as commander-in-chief. jamie: the atmosphere charged. the candidates set to go toe to toe.
10:20 am
you never know what moment will make or break a candidate like in 2000 when al gore said in an off camera moment. it was a simple as a see you. >> i had a record of appointed judges in the state of texas. that's what the governor gets to do. the governor gets to name supreme court judges.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
jamie: the army psychiatrist that's been charged with killing 13 people in the twine if the, the 2009 fort hood rampage denying a judgment order to shave his beard.
10:24 am
previous studies have shown tanning is a risk factor for malignant melanoma. the one and only hollywood land mark gates facelift. the sign is getting repainted for the first time in 35 years, bill. bill: check her out. a little judy garland. more skill than i have got. a judge blocking pennsylvania's effort to fight voter fraud for voters to show i.d. while voting. i'll talk to andrew napolitano. >> i won't sing "hooray for
10:25 am
hollywood." pennsylvania has a demonstrated history of voter fraud. we all saw instances of it on tape on fox news from philadelphia two years ago and four years ago. the legislature in an effort to prevent voter fraud, intimidating people out of voting pore people vote where they aren't registered inact a pennsylvania i.d. law. it required that you had to have a government-issued i.d. in order to vote. then there were hundreds of places set up in the state where they would be given to you for free. however, the trial judge looked at this and said i think it's fair and a legitimate way to assure there be no voter fraud. the state of pennsylvania has an obligation under the u.s. constitution and its own constitution to guarantee the right to vote. if it permits voter fraud it's
10:26 am
diluting your vote. that decision was sea peeled to the supreme court of pennsylvania which said we are worried that not everybody has enough time to get these free i.d.s there are they are registered to vote, they won't be able to vote so we are accepting it back to the trial judge. he held a two-day mini prime in which he found not enough people have these things. i'm worried poor people. people in the inner city. people who don't have cars that can't drive or walk tohese facilities won't be able to vote. bill: you have five weeks to go before an election and this voter i.d. law is null and void? >> it's for the most part null and void. here is the silly compromise the judge crafted with respect to this judge who worked hard on the case. he's permitting voting officials to ask you for an i.d., but you don't have to show one. so if you have one you can show it. if you don't have one, you still get to vote. and then he's going resolve this
10:27 am
permanently after election day. all of this will happen if this decision is not appealed by the state back to the supreme court of pennsylvania. bottom line, the voter fraud issues in pennsylvania are not going to be addressed this year as the legislature wanted them addressed. bill: you just called this ruling silly. i hear you loud and year. what about a provisional ballot? can we rule on that. >> that was in the statute. that will be moot. bill: no provisionals. >> there are no provisionals. under the original statute if you didn't have the i.d. you could vote provisionally and if your vote might have changed the outcome after you proved how were without the i.d. they counted your vote. that's now out. bill: is there a history of voter fraud in pennsylvania? >> yes, there is. in 2008 there were teams of
10:28 am
people in philadelphia we reported intimidated from voting and facilitated others to vote who wouldn't authorized to vote. the legislature of pennsylvania responding to that tried to prevent it from happening this time by requiring voter i.d. that's out. bill: judge, thank you. jamie: the clock is ticking down to tonight's debate. we'll get reaction from the obama campaign on the new video just surfacing. we'll talk to both campaigns about what each candidate needs to do to score that big victory tonight. >> senator mccain voted for four out of five president bush's budget. >> senator obama. i'm not president bush. if you wanted to run against president bush you should have run four years ago.
10:29 am
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jamie: fox news alert on jobs. a new private survey by adp showing the economy may be slowing. it's reported that businesses added fewer workers last month, 162,000 in september compared to 19,000 in august. that is well below what economists say is needed to rapidly britt unemployment rat bring the unemployment rate down. bill: hours away from the first presidential debate. with me now andrea saul, press secretary for the romney campaign, and ben louisian ben labolt. from the obama campaign. what does the campaign say about the speech of 2007, june of that year? >> i've got to tell you, mitt romney's allies in a desperate attempt to change the subject from a video in which mitt romney wrote off half of the american people, are circulating a video that was covered by the
10:33 am
campaign press core at tha corp. and in it the president talks about what happens in inner city communities when people have given up hope. i don't -- bill: do you think this is prom no's fault? >> i certainly think that his allies thought that this would be helpful. i've got to tell you if the romney campaign thinks this is what americans are looking for tonight in place of plans for the middle dallas they are in for a surprise. bill: you may the speech is no big deal then. >> i don't think that anybody thinks that the government's response to karina was sufficient. governor romney himself called it an embarrassment. this is something that the president spoke about on the senate floor in front of the press corps at that time. he took action to improve disaster relief in the united states senate. so i think this is a desperate attempt to change the subject from mitt romney's comments writing off half the population saying they won't take personal
10:34 am
responsibility for their lives. bill: what do you think about joe biden's comments about crushing the middle last over the last four years. was this a mistake? >> i think the romney campaign loves to take rem out of context. this is the same campaign that started take being the president out of context in an advertisement when the president was quoting john mccain never saying that the president was quoting somebody else in the first advertisement that they ran in this campaign. the vice president was cheer lee talking about the fact -- bill: it's not clear, it's not clear that he was talking about anything other than the fact that middle class americans have suffered tremendously over the past four years. and -- >> as a result of the economic crisis and the policies that led to the economic crisis. bill: hang on a second. i'll get to my question. you know americans have been struggling so hard over the past four years just to keep their heads above water. they are still swimming, but man they had to work hard for it. and what joe biden said is that the middle class has been crushed over the last four years. and the question then is, is that because of the policies of
10:35 am
this administration? and the comment that he made, just a clear question here, was it a mistake next or no? >> read the next couple of sentences. the vice president attributes this to passing tax cuts for the wealthist, to stripping back oversight from wall street. these are the same sorts of policies that mitt romney would pursue now, they lead to the economic crisis in the first place. why would rereturn to them, we are starting to teu we were losing more than 800,000 jobs a month. manufacturing is resurgent, gm is coming back, why would rereturn to the same sorts of policies that crushed the middle class in the first place stpha. bill: the crushing comment was in the a mistake. >> it was a specific reference to the policies that crushed the economy and devastated the middle class and we certainly can't return to this. bill: do you standby it? >> do we think that the middle class was buried as a result of the middle class, absolutely.
10:36 am
bill: you standby the comment of joe biden. all right i hear you. what is the most difficult question that president obama has to answer tonight? >> well, i'll leave that to the moderators. here is our goal tonight. it sound like mitt romney has prepared a bunch of zingers, we'll leave that to david letterman, i don't think that is what the american people are looking for. we view the debate like we view the convention, millions of americans tuning in for the first time who want to hear about the check choice in this election and the president will talk about the need to continue to build the economy from the middle class out, invest in things like education and manufacturing and research and development instead of building it from the top down. bill: what about the stimulus, 7 employment unemployment not higher than that it's been 8% for how many months now? trillion dollar deficits for years now. what about those questions in. >> we are overcoming what was the worst recession since the great depression. we've mid a lot of progress. we are losing 800,000 jobs a
10:37 am
month and obviously we've created more than 5 million jobs, but better off isn't good enough. we need to do more than that, we need to restore economic security for the middle class, that's why the president is invested in areas like education where we're double funding for college scholarships. we are on track to double renewable energy productions so we are creating the jobs of the future right here in america. he'll talk about both the progress we've made and layout a road map to create good-paying sustainable jobs to the middle class. bill: we are looking forward tonight. thank you for coming back here, ben. ben labolt from the obama team. good luck to you later tonight. andrea saul from the romney team, press secretary for mitt romney. good morning to you. i know you're looking forward to you tonight as well. >> good morning. bill: looking at a "wall street journal" poll today you're down three points. how concerned are you? >> this race will be close until the very end. i think the obama campaign will agree this will be close. voters have an important choice in this election. we cannot afford four more years
10:38 am
like the last four years we've seen under this president. his own vice president says the middle class has been buried under his policies. when we need is governor romney to come in and deliver a real recovery for the american people. bill: what is the most dave question you believe mitt romney has to answer tonight, andrea? >> again, governor romney's focus is talking directly to the voters about what his plans are to strengthen the middle class and get this economy back on track. with president obama you just heard his team they'd like to pretend that they weren't in charge for the past four years. we've seen record unemployment. 43 consecutive months above 8%. 47million americans are on food stamps. one in six in poverty. if that is progress, i'd hate to see what the next four years look like. the -- bill: what about the question regarding the videotape and the 47% comment? is that the most difficult question he has to address? >> governor romney has addressed that, the 47% question was a
10:39 am
political answer about the fact that, you know, most campaigns you'll see start with about a 47% baseline and then, you know, you look to talk to the folks in the middle. but the broader point is governor romney wants to help all americans. he said time and again, you know, both president obama and i care about the american people, but i'm the only one that has policies and plans that can actually help them sthao just to b. bill: just to be clear that 47% comment doesn't hurt you. that's what you're arguing, you standby that? >> governor romney addressed that and he's talk baggy broader plans to help 100% of americans. bill: you referred to joe biden's comments. will that come up tonight in. >> that will be up to the moderators. bill: will governor romney be pointing it out? >> i think it's an important point. president obama's own team has admitted that the middle class has been buried under his policies. you know, it was a slip of the tongue, perhaps by joe biden, but it's what every american
10:40 am
already knows. there are 23 million americans struggling for work. so it comes as no surprise to them that they are struggling and have been buried. but it was just interesting to see that the obama campaign would admit it. just yesterday too we saw a study come out that says middle class families because of president obama's lavish spending are going to face a $4,000 tax burden per year per family. so this is just not anything that we can afford for four more years. bill: i asked ben labolt about this, does the romney campaign have an official response, or what are you saying about this speech from june of 2007 with the president, then senator? >> this is a video that the american people will have to view themselves and draw their own conclusions. you know, president obama's views are shaped by his beliefs, and we've seen what his policies have done from those views, and they've devastated our economy and devastated our middle class. bill: is that the final word on that video, and tkre a? >> again, the american people
10:41 am
have to watch it for themselves and draw their own conclusions. bill: how good a debate eris youerrer is your man. >> we look forward tonight. obviously president obama it will be his 8th one-on-one presidential debate. it will be governor romney's first presidential debate. with the office of the president behind him and being one of the most gifted speakers we know i'm sure it will be hard to out shine him but governor romney will come and talk about his plans. bill: i remember a yore ago talking to governor romney and he was talking about debate number one and now it is here. does the campaign have a sense that they must score very well tonight in order to turn the poll number that i just mentioned around, down 3 points in that "wall street journal" number? >> we have a little over a month to go and every debate and every day honestly is important between now and then, and communicating our message of governor romney's plans to get this country back on track. so that is going to be really
10:42 am
his focus tonight. bill: and tkroe a saul thank you for your time, and to ben labolt before you thanks to him as well. we are all waiting for it tonight in denver. than that you. jamie: a new columnist hammering the president, giving him a nickname, a new one, we'll tell you what it is next.
10:43 am
10:44 am
jamie: a new column blasting president obama for foreign policy failers and giving him a
10:45 am
brand-new title. slacker in chief. columnist murdoch writes quote concerning the fun parts of his job barack obama resembles the evener skwraoeurz bunny if there are crowds to wow, entertainers to schmooze or donor toss pitch obama is johnny on the spot. too bad the sparks stop flying when it comes to heavy lifting of the presidency. joining us now is tkerbg deroy murdoch. you were pretty fired newspaper this >> i came to calling him slacker in chief looking at his behavior over the last four years. he is excellent showing up to campaign. there is hardly a better campaigner in america. he shows up for fundraisers. he loves to go to celebrity events, appearing on the view. $38,000 dinners with actressess like sarah jessica parker.
10:46 am
a lot of other voters put him into office and he often is awol. there is something the president of the united states gets, the daily brief. the president sits down with people from the c.i.a. and other agencies and discuss american security and safety. may 31st of this year he skipped 56% of them. for 2012 he skipped about 62%. rather than sit down and focus on this with experts. ask them questions, make suggestions what obama in those cases did was take the briefing book upstairs, read them in private and that is a bit like going to your doctor and saying, i don't want you to explain my chest x-rays to me i'll take them home and look at them myself and figure out whether i'm sick or not. we need the president of the united states focuses on this thing rather than doing what he did the entire week before the attack in libya that killed our ambassador and throw other
10:47 am
americans in cold blood. he received no briefing the days before that. and the day after he skipped his presidential daily briefing and skipped off to las vegas for a fund-raiser. jamie: you're describing meetings where the president gets briefed. what is the impact about those meetings on our national security and are you suggesting that the president is making that less of a priority than campaigning? >> yes, a group called the government accountability institute, a conservative watchdog group took a look at his schedule and "the washington post" first reported about this. the presidential daily briefs are very, very serious, solemn, cast lied very secret meetings between the president and his national security team and they go through all the various threats that the united states faces in terms of terrorism and all kinds of things that we civilians don't know about, and it's absolutely crucial that the president attends these. president bush attended all of them. most presidents attend all of them or most all of them.
10:48 am
president obama skipped about 56% of them, in 2012 between january 1st and may 31st he skipped 62% of them. this is very, very serious. you can ask questions and get the intelligence community to lock deeper into threats and maybe make suggestions. let's say that he hears that paraguay is about to explode. he can say i know someone from college who is the head of things in paraguay we can call him. jamie: you want more of an interactive relationship. other presidents have held a number of meetings during general assembly week and this particular time we all watched it president obama did come to new york, didn't meet with benjamin netanyahu, talked to him on the phone, refused to allow the prime minister to come to washington even for that meeting. what is your analysis of what happened during general assembly week and what the impact is on us as americans? >> precisely correct. president obama about a week ago came to new york city for the
10:49 am
u.n. general assembly. he did meet with world leaders last year decided to meet this year with zero world leaders and jetted off to campaign. he should have met with benjamin netanyahu, he should have met with the president of egypt and talked to him about maintaining security there and keeping americans safe in egypt. the white house response was he has a telephone he can call the leaders. why doesn't he use the telephone to call the view and walked to whoppi goldberg over the phone and take that time and meet with benjamin netanyahu and the president in the middle he's, our embassy is on fire, our president times find for the view but not leaders. he has not met with his jobs council since january. he's blown off his jobs council his january. this is dereliction of duty. >> slacker in chief is your summation in the piece. you tell me there is more you'll be writing about. they'll check it out. >> thank you very much. bill: 111 minutes befor 111
10:50 am
minutes before the hour. the first presidential debate goes down in denver tonight. it could all hinge on one moment or phrase. in a minute you'll see moments that will bring back a lot of memories and determine the course of our nation. >> who am i? why am i here? [laughter] [applause]
10:51 am
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10:53 am
jamie: a mother of two from california is facing time behind bars for, get this. her childrens poor attend dance at school. 34-year-old lorraine quevas pled guilty to violating the state truancy law and is serving 180 days in jail. the law states kids must not miss more than 10% of the school year. her kids missed a total of 116
10:54 am
days. bill: holy cow. a live look inside the debate hall at the university of denver. a few hours away now millions of you will be watch as president obama and governor romney make their cases to america. what does history they will us about these debates and what it takes to win? william la jeunesse is live in l.a. on this. william, good morning. >> bill, they go to debate camp. the candidates study they cram their heads with dates, numbers and statistics. what do we remember? history tells us the voters' take away is often captured in the moment and what that ra sraoels about the candidate's character. >> do we want four more years of trillion dollar deficits? >> while romney and obama sharpen their talking points. >> we are cutting our deficit by $4 trillion making sure everybody does it the right way. >> how much do voters really understand? >> debt versus deficit what is the difference? >> debt is what we owe, what we
10:55 am
already are in debt for and deficit -- i don't know. >> they are going to talk about the fiscal cliff. do you know what that actually is? >> i do not, i don't have a clue about anything like that. >> how about medicare versus medicaid do you know the difference good li? >> no my parents do my medical. >> john says debates are often about impressions not words. they remember gore's sighing and awkward body language and an incin patient george bush. who am i? >> and they remember one liners. >> jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator you're no jack kennedy. >> i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> people translated statements or gestures into insight into a
10:56 am
candidate's character. it's all about character. >> so while some lines are practiced like reagan on age other -rs spontaneous, hillary, you're likable enough. no matter how much these guys prepare, bill when the red light goes on it's live television and that's why we watch. bill: cool look at history, william la jeunesse live in los angeles. thank you. jamie: there is a shocking new report on the impact of the struggling economy you might not have expected and it has to do with babies. ♪ baby love, my baby love, i need you, oh how i need you, but all you do is treat me bad, break my heart and leave me sad. ♪ the experts at imperial can convert
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your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love.
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>> the u.s. birth rate falling for the fourth year in a row, down 1% in 2011 after a drop of two to 3% in recent years. analysts say this could suggest the impact of the recession is slowly coming to an end. according to the report hispanics showed the steepest declines in birth rates and teen pregnancies. can you imagine what it will cost to send a kid to college? bill: good luck with that. when the economy goes down the birth rate goes down. fascinating. great to be with you. off to the radio


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